Taxi service in Jaigaon

Taxi Service in Jaigaon : Your Travel Companion for Bhutan Tour!

 Jaigaon Taxi Service is one of the most busy taxi services in the North East. Travelers traveling to and from Bhutan can be seen hiring Jaigaon taxi service frequently. As you already know, transport plays a crucial role while travelling. If you are also planning for a wonderful and hassle free trip to the border of Bhutan then Jaigaon Taxi Service is the right choice to go for. Raj tour and travel a well known and renowned travel agency in Jaigaon offer Jaigaon taxi service for travelers visiting and leaving Bhutan. Jaigaon being the gateway for the incredible country of Bhutan. With a specially guided professional you can have a smooth trip to your desired destination. We provide great flexibility and an affordable rate on which you can travel from one place to another smoothly and hassle free. We are the most reliable and trusted travel agency for transport with easy booking and great tour experience facilities. 

Why Choose Jaigaon Taxi Service from Raj Tours and Travels for Bhutan Tour?

Jaigaon to Siliguri Car Rental service is specially for those who are returning from their wonderful trip in Bhutan. As most tourists visiting Bhutan commute through Bagdogra airport in Siliguri. Choosing Jaigaon to Siliguri Car Rental from Raj Tours and Travels offers several advantages that fulfill every type of tourist needs and requirements. Some of the very convenient and relevant reason why you should choose Jaigaon to Siliguri Car Rental from us are-

  • Convenient and Reliable:- We as a trusted travel agency are known for providing reliable and convenient transportation. We ensure timely scheduled pickup/drop facilities allowing you to travel peacefully.
  • Professional Divers:– Our agency employs professional and experienced drivers who are well versed for every routes between Jaigaon and Siliguri.
  • Comfortable Vehicles:– Our well maintained fleet of vehicles are equipped with all modern amenities like AC and comfortable seatings. Our vehicles are very clean and comfortable with entertainment systems like audio players. 
  • Customizable service:- We as an experienced travel agency understand that every traveler has different needs and requirements. Whether you are traveling with a group or solo we provide vehicles to accommodate your specific needs. 
  • Genuine and Affordable Pricing:-  Raj tours and travels always provide competitive pricing and unparalleled service. We offer genuine and affordable fare for each ride.
  • Local Expertise : Being a local tour operator we have extensive knowledge for the region and can give you an uninterrupted and hassle free ride.

Before planning and making a decision it is always a good idea to compare prices and deals based on the agency reputation and reviews. 

Jaigaon to Siliguri Travel Options:-

Jaigaon to Siliguri can be best traveled through roads which is the NH 31c . The route is about 114 kms which covers some beautiful wildlife of Jalpaiguri and tea gardens of Dooars. One of the most convenient and fast ways to travel from Jaigaon to Siliguri is by hiring a private taxi. You can also get the bus from NBSTC junction in Siliguri. But hiring a private taxi can bring you comfort and our taxi service allows you to enjoy the scenic beauty along the way, making stops at viewpoints and attractions as desired.

 You can also opt for customized services based on your group size and preference and if you want to experience the local flavor and mingle with the locals, hopping on a local bus is a fantastic choice. Both private and public buses operate between Jaigaon and Siliguri at regular intervals. You can also take a train from Hasimara which is the nearest Railways station from Jaigaon to Siliguri which costs you conveniently very low and can save a lot of cash.  

Explore Jaigaon to Siliguri Taxi Service:-

As we already know, the Jaigaon to Siliguri taxi service is popular among the tourists visiting Bhutan from India. As Bhutan is a tourism hotspot Jaigaon is the ultimate gateway for the two countries. It is one of the most popular taxi services as the route also offers fascinating scenes to attract travelers. 

As you know Raj tours and travel have a fleet of well maintained vehicles to match your requirements and choices some of them are as follows.

Car ModelSit CapacityPrice in INR (Appropriate)
Innova7 seatersRs. 4000- 4500 INR
Wagon R4 seatersRs 3000- 3500 INR
Creta4 seatersRs 3000- 3500 INR
Hiace Bus14 seaters Rs 10000-11000
Tempo Traveller17 seaters Rs 10000-11000

These are the premium vehicles we offer to enhance and ease your transportation hassle. Book your now with Raj tours and travels. 

How to book Jaigaon Taxi Services with Raj Tours and Travels Bhutan?

Booking a cab service can be a hassle but comparing prices and service is very important and crucial. Having an experienced professional behind the wheel and total relaxation is very important while traveling. It is very easy to book a cab service with Raj tours and travels. Only a couple of touches is all you need.  First you just need to visit our website at and go to the car rental section and then there you can find different options for travel such as tours, pickup/drop sightseeing etc. So choose cab booking and select your destination from where you want to travel and  your preference vehicles. Enjoy a smooth ride from the gateway of Bhutan to the gateway of North East very easily with Raj tours and travels. 

Jaigaon to Siliguri Taxi Fare : Best tips for Budget Travelers:-

Traveling on a budget does not mean compromising comfort or missing out on exciting adventures. When it comes to traveling from Jaigaon to Siliguri through the Jaigaon taxi service for Bhutan , travelers traveling on a limited budget can also enjoy a convenient and affordable journey. Shared taxis are a popular choice among budget travelers. Sharing a taxi with a companion is also very convenient and affordable. If you want to hire a private taxi then booking in advance can save you last minute hassles. 

Jaigaon to Siliguri taxi  fare of Raj tour and travel Jaigaon taxi service are very affordable yet negotiable concerning the situation. The fare depends on the vehicle’s choices from the number of seating to the comfort level. If you are also looking for a reliable and trusted Jaigaon taxi service then Raj tours and travels is the best option for you. 

Jaigaon Taxi Services is the best transportation facility for people traveling from Jaigaon  to Siliguri. Raj tours and Travels, a leading provider of Jaigaon to Siliguri Car Rental service, has the most affordable prices on each tour for every reliable and comfortable vehicle. Book your Jaigaon Taxi Services now with us. 


1. What is the distance between Jaigaon and Siliguri?

ANS:- The average distance between Jaigaon and Siliguri by road is 144 kms through NH27.

2. How far is Jaigaon from Siliguri?

ANS:- It is about 144 kms by road and takes about 3 hours 45 mins to reach.

3. How Do I travel from Jaigaon to Siliguri without a car/

ANS:- If you don’t want to take a roadtrip the taking the train will be very much convenient. 

4. What is the distance of Jaigaon from Siliguri by road?

ANS:- The average distance between Jaigaon and Siliguri by road is 144 kms through NH27.

5. Is the NBSTC bus available from Jaigaon to Siliguri ?

ANS:- Yes you can catch a bus to Jaigaon from Siliguri on NBSTC Junction.

6. How much is a taxi from Siliguri to Jaigaon?

ANS:- It depends upon how much seating is requires if it is 4 seater then around 3500 or if it’s 7 seater or might cost you around 4500